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#OffStagewithPorter - Firefly 2017

#OffStagewithPorter - Firefly 2017

Jul 17 , 2017 | Posted by: #OffStagewithPorter | 0 Comments



You want to know how much I love music?

Even when I’m not writing, performing or producing it, I listen to it and I listen to it with a bunch of my closest friends and 90,000 strangers. Last weekend and every year for the past 5 years, my friends and I go to Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware to camp out, have fun, meet new people, see some of our favorite bands, and discover new bands along the way.


If you don’t know what Firefly Music Festival is, it is a 4-day music festival on the grounds of Dover Downs in Dover, Delaware where over 90,000 people come to, camp out in individual tents in a field, and listen to music for four days. People from all across the world come to this and it’s basically a 4-day party.  The first year we went we had no idea what the festival entailed. My friends and I brought a large 6-person tent to fit 8 of us in. We also didn’t bring enough food or drinks. It was 90 degrees all weekend! Luckily Firefly provides some of things you may have forgotten or didn’t pack enough of. That year we saw headliners like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Tom Petty and it was the most fulfilling experience ever. So even though it may not have been comfortable in the tenting situation, it made up for inside the festival.


Since that first year, we’ve learned how to better prepare ourselves for the journey and over the years, we made some veteran moves. But a moment of heartbreak came in the year 2014 when one of our friends included in our firefly group past away and he never had the opportunity to see me play alongside Imagine Dragons, The Lumineers, and Foo Fighters when I won a big break contest to perform at Firefly that year. It was the most fulfilling and most heartbreaking experience. But I came to realize, even though performing alongside these iconic musicians was amazing, I missed out on the festival experience with my friends that I may never get to have again. Every year after that, we continued to camp out and join the festivalgoers in seeing our favorite bands in honor of our friends name.


This year with headliners (my favorite) Twenty One Pilots and Muse along with O.A.R. and Kaleo, we had so much fun. We had 10 campsites with 17 of our closest friends from over the years. We spread out among our camping area to create a central hangout with drinking games, Kan-Jam, Corn-Hole and even Putt-Putt. Over the years, we’ve learned that showers are a MUST with all the sun, sweat and dust in the air which is why I configured a personal shower out of a motorized shower machine off amazon, a vocal microphone stand, a self-made pallet for standing on and a 5-gallon bucket. Using the freezing ice melted water from the cooler, these showers are a convenient wake up call.


So although this a music festival is purposed for people to see their favorite bands and new artists, my friends and I take it as a vacation, away from the world with barely any cell service, just to hang out, drink and be with each other for a weekend. The music is a plus and though it looks like the new people we see around us are getting younger each year, we’ve come to realize that we have become the veterans in this situation. We hope to continue doing this for as many years ahead of us as possible.

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#OffStageWithSayles - Gardening

#OffStageWithSayles - Gardening

Jun 19 , 2017 | Posted by: OffStageWithSayles | 0 Comments

In between writing songs, playing gigs and sleeping, people always ask me, what do I like to do in my free time?  Besides doing laundry, cleaning and mowing my yard I love to cook. Two years ago my sister-in-law Lesley, who lives in Manhattan, ...

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